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Anonymous asked: Sorry to bother you but there isn't one part of my body I like or one thing I like about myself at all and it's getting me down ): Do you have any advice on how to like feel better about myself... Thank you very much xxx


Okay basically, I’ve felt like this before because if you know me at all in real life I am quite overweight. Like I’m not massively obese like the size of the house but I’m quite tall and considerably podgier than most of my friends and so I’m always so paranoid about looking like the fat girl in my group etc. and trust me in the past I have done it all to try and change like I’ve tried not eating, I’ve binged and purged and I’ve cut and stuff.

But, what I did work out from this all is that it is not worth it. One of my good friends said once that everyone is beautiful, no matter whether it’s inside or out, everyone has something that they are beautiful for so the fact that you don’t like a single part of your body or personality at all means you’re lying to yourself and that is not a good thing to do.┬áTrust me, you are absolutely beautiful. I don’t even know who you are and I know you are beautiful!

So here’s the story, earlier this year, about 2 months ago, I realized that there are good things about me. I looked in the mirror and I noticed the way that my eyes sparkled and I liked that, I saw the way my teeth were straight because I’ve had braces and I liked that, and I saw the way that I made people laugh and made people happy. Those are three things I like about myself, and every time I feel bad I remember that it’s not about my figure, or whether guys like me, or whatever those chavs in the town centre said to me because they don’t know my good parts and I do.

I also do this thing which is to keep a compliments diary, which sounds kind of lame but it really helps me because whenever I feel down I read through it and I see all of the kind things that my friends have said about me, even this one time this lady in a toilet block at a campsite told me I had a lovely tan and I remember that and it makes me smile because to other people I look different to how I see myself.

I also stopped hanging out with people who made me feel uncomfortable, not like people who were not as fat as me or as tall as me but in particular this one girl (I’m not gonna name names) was always ‘honest’ with me about my weight and when I was like “Oh God I’m so fat” she’d be like “Yeah you are, eat healthier” and I realized that I didn’t have to stand for this any more. Now I have a really nice group of friends who I appreciate and they appreciate me, and they make me feel beautiful all the time. So yeah sucks to that mean girl.

So I guess I’d say do those three things: stop hanging out with people who make you feel below average; pick out three good things about you that other people said or you like and keep a compliments diary.

Remember that you’re beautiful and that people love you no matter what okay, and I really hope this works out for you because you don’t deserve to feel like this xxx

Anonymous asked: top 4 best friends


it’s hard to pick 4 man our group is so lovely and i love them all so much i can’t pick 4 i’m sorry


falling in love with people faster than songs is sign of weakness

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